Pack packing gift 3

Model: (S032)
Status: Available
Brand: Eros

Pack packing gift 3

After buying your Gift ; turn comes to decorating and gift screw it,

According to the eros repeated requests to provide customers the gift package

No longer needed after the delivery of the purchased product

Packaging and decorate it the way you surf the streets and malls and shops

And air pollution from household waste your time now and in the exit

Just as at the time of registration of orders to buy one of the packages

Photos posted on the site.

Also, you can insert the desired items and packages

Eros selected via the telegram with the team so in the form of packages

To you for you to submit

The purpose of the Eros satisfaction, customers

We assist you in obtaining this important work Comments

Pack Number two you will have the following products:

1. handy little luggage

2. Chocolate little hearts

3. coveted bottles

4 small chocolate Nutella

5. hairy pendant Pam Pam

6. furry red balls



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