18-carat gold pendant Latin letters

Model: (G019)
Status: Available
Brand: Eros
Material plaque:
Necklace Model:
18-carat gold pendant Latin letters

18-carat gold pendant model of Latin letters

Gold pendants letters can buy for yourself or a friend and his wife

Suspension English alphabets (Latin) gold is 18 carat

You can choose from silver or gold plating, stainless steel 316 and gold plating also order

If you want a stylish and affordable gift to someone who is respected

Or you have a special place is a gift

We offer a silver pendant with the initials of his name is

Very friendly and respectful if this pendant personalized gift to you

Packed in luxurious

Sports delicate gold necklace use by girls and boys

This suspension is used for all persons of any age

Gold was very high energy and is suitable for men and women

A super stylish girls and women are very interested in it
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