Sports Leather Bracelet Name Hussein Silver Gold Gold Plated

Model: (P087)
Status: Available
Brand: Eros
Material plaque:
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bracelet Model:
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Sports Leather Bracelet Name Hussein Silver Gold Gold Plated

sports leather bracelet hussein

Hussein silver nameplate S925 white gold plating with leather bracelet

Design and construction of plaque in your name

How to order bracelets with their own name?

1. a) the number of samples contained in the site name

1. b) If the name on the site but the design did not like it.

This option is available with other designers on the same product name or description in the express order

1. c) If the name is not available to you on one product options

Other name Persian / English Choose and order in the description field

Announced his name out

1-d) calls or sending massage on Telegram 09395775047

2. Material (Material) and choose your preferred

You can of 18-carat gold (K750), S925 silver plating gold (yellow or white on your order)

Stainless steel polishing and plating of gold (yellow or white at your option) you have selected

3. Type your license plate to select from the available options

For example, leather bracelet, stone bracelet, necklace with 60 cm stainless steel chains, shackles, single earrings, etc.

4. Number and choose your desired setting or do not Teenagers

5. Select the type of payment

5-a) online payment

5-A.1) if needed to a maximum of 2 days after registration

The design was made for you and after your approval of the workshop will be sent

5-A-2) If you do not need to design enterprises of the workshop will be sent

5-b) cash on delivery

5-B-1) If you need to design the design process after depositing the amount of the advance payment (deposit)

Take the time out from design and construction.

The design process in about two to three working days depending on the volume of orders will take

After approval of the plan will be sent to the workshop

5-b-2) If you do not need to do the design build process after depositing the amount of the advance payment (deposit) will be

6. Delivery Export

You can choose from among options

Send by courier to Tehran and Alborz

Send entries to all the cities of the country

Send tipax and Aramex for the cities represented companies

Or delivered in person in Tehran previous coordination with honor

Plaque dedicated manufacturing leather bracelet with the name Persian or English (Latin) You

* When ordering earring you pay for 1 And to get a pair of earrings should order 2

** If plating tends to be yellow or white in color when your order

Otherwise, by default, you confirm gold plating (yellow) will

Typography Persian name

Ability to design and build this name with different models

Design and construction of the order devote all names



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